My weightloss journey

Melanies Weightloss Journey

Monday, 22 September 2014

Manic Monday

Its been an incredibly busy day at work today. Working as a Drs receptionist isn't always an easy job and can be extremely demanding and stressful. One of my triggers for diving into the biscuit barrel or chocolate box. I've been trying to stay positive and not get too stressed. I keep telling myself no matter how many phones are ringing I can only answer one at a time and no matter how angry a patient gets its not personal its  the system they are angry with not me. Positive thinking is really helping me a the moment and I am trying to incorporate it into more and more of my life.

My tip for the day...write yourself positive notes to boost your mood....I write on my fridge when I lose any weight congratulating myself and affirming that I can do this....try it for yourself and see.

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