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Sunday, 21 September 2014

Lazy Sunday

It's been a lovely quiet Sunday. I have got through the weekend without ruining my diet and still feeling positive. I know I always sound like I am waiting for things to go wrong but I suppose it's my way of trying to tell myself there will be downfalls and hard times (like next weekend going to stay at my mums and the week after going away on holiday) but the imporatant thing to remember everyday is a new beginning :)

Took Jack out for a walk this morning which was really enjoyable....this is Jack..
I love taking Jack for walks but he isn't a very fast walker prefering to stop and sniff everything so I don't think he will make a good fitness buddy when I start on my fitness regime. At the moment I am just trying to fit in a bit more walking and activity and when I feel able to start exercising more intently. So if anyone has any tips they would be greatly appreciated.


  1. I always find twilight a lovely time in September and October, and because you have such lovely parks near you I recommend taking your ipod and going for a lovely stroll just before it gets dark (when you aren't working late at least) xxxxx

    1. I have dug my ipod out and I sometimes use it when walking to and from work :) may be going on to do only afternoons soon so maybe have to try early morning walks instead of twilight (if I can get out of bed) xxx